Facials and Make Up

Whether it is maintaining your healthy glow, renewing the look of your skin, or decreasing the signs of aging, our licensed skin care team will meet any challenge. Each facial skin care treatment is designed for your specific skin needs using the most advanced skincare products. Call to schedule your complimentary skin care consultation.

LD’s Signature Cleansing Facial

Delightfully refreshing and cleansing suited for any skin type ~ a perfect choice if you are new to facials and professional skin care.
$80 (approx 60 mins)

LD’s Facial for Him

His skin is very different from hers ~ this facial is designed with his needs in mind ~ often he forgets to take care of himself ~ great for him when you both come to the spa together!
$85 (approx. 60 mins)

LD’s Lunch Time Treat

We all know when our skin needs a quick pick me up, this facial applies active ingredients to cleanse, moisturize and nourish.
$65 (approx. 30 mins)

LD’s Clear Skin

Perfect for oily and acne prone skin ~ cleansing and balancing ~ let our skin care professionals clear the skin of blackheads, whiteheads and regulate the secretion of natural oils. Homecare is professionally recommended.
$99 (approx 60 mins)

LD’s Microfacial

Microdermabrasion by crystals exfoliates while reducing the appearance of pore size and will minimize existing scars ~ micro can be adjusted to skin type for beautiful results.
$100 (approx 45 mins)

LD’s Youth Accelerator

This anti-aging facial is an anti-oxidant treatment to repair the damage as we age ~ professional chirally correct products are designed for real results.
$100 (approx 60 mins)

LD’s 911 Rescue Facial

Our rescue facial is great for many skin types in need of recovery and repair while firming and brightening your skin. A guest favorite!
$125 (approx 60 mins)

LD’s Seasonal Delight

As the season changes so does your skin’s wants and needs ~ and advanced facial treatment which will firm and balance your skin’s appearance ~ exfoliation will allow for proper hydration.

Touch-up (with other service) $35
Signature Make up Application $55
Signature Application w/Instruction $65
Bridal /Premier Make-Up $65

All prices subject to change. Major credit cards accepted. Gratuities are not accepted on credit/debit cards.

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